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The case management information is displayed by level of care; as home-care, primary and hospitals. Other key indicators crucial for case management of COVID-19 are also reflected, to give general overview of country status.
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Regional Profile

Home care

New weekly numbers under the HBC programme
Home based care


Number of community health workers oriented on emergency support
Specialist Health Workers Trained


Primary care

Number of health workers with training/orientation in primary care
Health worker training


Number of ICU beds

ICU Beds


Hospital care

Bed capacity in COVID treatment centers
ICU Beds in COVID Treatment Centers


Number of ICU beds reserved for COVID 19 critical care
ICU Beds for COVID 19


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Cross Cutting

Daily Hospital Oxygen production capacity

Oxygen daily production capacity per hospital


Infection prevention control score

Infection prevention control score


Lab tests carried out

Lab tests carried out


Lab testing sites

Lab testing sites


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Social Media

Social Media